We are proud to announce that since it's inception in September 2010, over 50 companies, Professional Organizations and Corporate Sponsors have become involved in this much needed local recycling service. The support continues to grow daily and special recognition needs to be noted to the following entities.

Brian Cook - BWI - Without the support of BWI the Eco-Bag placement at the Commercial Flooring Store level would not have been possible. Contact Brian at 403-720-6229.

Randy Ricalde - HomeTrend Renovations Inc. and Handyman Services. Randy was one of the first private installers to seek out and use ReBound ReCycle's divertion program. He prides himself on "Going Green" and keeping his company Eco-Friendly. Randy can be contacted at 403-890-7469 or by email: randyricalde@gmail.com

MKS Learning Centre - The on-going support and encouragement of the entire team at MKS Learning is too valuable for words. Anyone interested in knowing more about this program can call 403-253-8484 or visit www.mkslearn.com

Green Calgary has sponsored ReBound ReCycle Inc. on their website as a service to divert recyclable foam materials. Don't forget to drop into the Eco-Store for an unbelievable selection of Environmentally friendly products.

Whywasteit.ca also has a listing for our services in partnership with Built Green Canada.

The Canadian Home Builders Association and the Alberta Floor Covering Association are very excited to see where this retrieval and recycle program leads our City. We truly are placing a presidence and marking Calgary as a leader in being a Green City, a footprint for others to follow in.

Recognition has been given by The City of Calgary to continue to divert as much of the FPF product from our local landfills and into a recycling program as possible. They view the program as a great step in the right direction for our city. 80/20 by 2020 and this program umong many others will certainly help us get there.

Over 30 local commercial flooring companies are participating in the retrieval program for foam underlay products. A full list of participants and contact information will be added to this website in the near future, along with direct links to all corporate sponsors that have supported ReBound ReCycle Inc.in our efforts to create an innovative way to have "ForWard MoveMent With ImPact" for our City

UFA is our corporate sponsor for many resources to keep the company moving forward.

SURE Print (CROWFOOT) location has been the source of all our printing needs. The owner and staff have been exceptional in customer service and delivery of product.

Comming Soon: We will be placing an on-line evaluation form on our website. This will be for companies to perform a store level evaluation on how much product they have contact with and to determine waste management cost reduction along with amount of product that they potentially could divert from our landfills. Participants may annonymously share the evaluation statistics through our website.