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ReBound ReCycle Inc. 

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Contact us for Your Foam Underlay Product Retrieval and Recycling.

Over 2 MILLION lbs Diverted since September 2011 in Calgary alone! Equivalent to 50 Semi Trailers Loads kept out of Landfill.

This year we hope to Divert another 1 Million lbs to be Recycled 

How we can help you reach your waste 

reduction goals and save you money :

Flooring Businesses / Installers: ReBound ReCycle Inc. retrieves foam* underlay products for recycling which will reduce your Waste Management Costs and help your industry move towards it's recycle goals. (Every little step helps)

*Foam product should be relatively dry and free of debris (blades, smooth edge and carpet) Staples are OK . We accept off cuts, rolled, and renovation removed products.    

ReBound ReCycle Inc. encourages companies to participate in our Low-Cost or FREE pick up service and have your foam underlay products taken in for recycling.

New Home Builders using onsite dumpstersReduce the cost of waste (weight and Number of trips) transferred to the landfill site. ReBound ReCycle Inc. can take the product for Recycling and save you money! ReBound ReCycle Inc. can work with Your Flooring Contractors to put a Bin at their Business location, or a central location at new community development sites.

Another step to Reaching your Environmental goals!

Individuals removing your own flooring to save money:

Municipalities and Towns using Transfer Stations: Reduce the cost of waste transferred to the landfill site. ReBound ReCycle Inc. can take the product for Recycling and save you money!

Cities, Towns and Municipalities with a Landfill: Save Valuable landfill space, increase landfill life and save money. ReBound ReCycle Inc. can take the product for Recycling and save you money!

Landfill and Waste Management Companies: Save Valuable landfill space, increase landfill life and Transfer Fee's. ReBound ReCycle Inc. can take the product for Recycling and save you money!

"ForWard MoveMent with Impact" says that we are all doing our part for the Environment and continuing to move in the right direction.

Take the next step in becoming an Eco-Friendly Individual, Business, Municipality or City. Take the next step in leaving a Green Footprint on the World.

Having ReBound ReCycle Inc. pick up your foam underlay products will reduce your Waste Management Costs. The service is provided either free or at a low fee compared to regular Waste removal fee's depending on location.

Provisions can be made for Individuals/Installers and Contractors are on a prearranged basis and some conditions may apply. Please call 403-771-9860 to discuss options.


"ForWard Movement with Impact" is EASY: 

Call and say YES to our pick up (or drop off at selected locations) service.