Retrieval Services Provided by ReBound Recycle Inc. - Saves on Waste Removal Costs! Free or Very Low Cost For Local Calgary Commercial Stores and Surrounding Communities.

Provisions for Individuals/Installers/Contractors and large building projects will be made in accordance to the weekly pick up schedule. Administrative fees for providing weight slips may apply. 

Please call ahead and prearrange for non-store level pick ups. 403-771-9860

Individual retrieval services are a prearranged service only - and conditions may apply.

Stores with limited space may be supplied a Bin or Eco Bag to have installers place product in until retrieval.

ReBound ReCycle Inc. picks up and recycles *clean foam underlayment products.

This one of a kind service helps eliminate costly waste removal for carpet supply stores, builders and installers since the underlay will not be in the construction site garbage bins - Saving space, Saving the Environment, Saving Money.

There is a low-cost or no charge for ReBound ReCycle Inc. to pick up your *clean foam underlay products.

ReCycle, Go Green-And keep it *Clean

*Clean = Free of blades, smooth edge and debris. Off cuts and removed foam products accepted. Product should be bagged or rolled - rolls can be taped.

You have nothing to lose and The Environment has EVERYTHING to Gain!