We Can Make a Difference! 

Our Goal: To keep the recyclable material – Flexible Polyurethane Foam (FPF) out of the landfills.

Our Mission: To offer an accessible service that fulfills an obligation to the Environment by promoting Impact Awareness: One Product and One Project at a time.

We understand that doing the right thing for the Environment is often inconvenient and difficult, that is why Our Objective is:To provide a low-cost or no-charge service for retrieval of FPF to encourage everyone that has contact with this recyclable material to participate in the recycle process and help leave a green footprint in our world.

Recycling is a sure way to realize the Impact we each have on the Environment. Once you begin its easy. Our service is designed to help companies with a cost effective way to get started.

Once you see the reduction in your waste management costs - you will be even more inspired to have us retrieve your foam underlay products and keep them out of the overflowing landfills.

Having a Positive Green Footprint, the owner of ReBound ReCycle Inc. encourages you to step up and put your best foot forward - "ForWard MoveMent with ImPact" - so that YOU and YOUR COMPANIES Recycling Efforts are Benefiting the Environment.

"Forward Movement with Impact" is EASY!

There are more than the three R's:

Don't Dump it! ReCycle it! ReUse it!

ReDuce! ReUse! ReBuild! ReShape! Respect! Relax!